Pull n Way

Pull N Way – Swiss Girlgroup

Various new productions

It’s been a bit quiet from my side, but that has a reason. For the past weeks and months I’ve been very busy with creating, planning and producing a new super talented Swiss/Albanian girlgroup named Pull n Way (three 17 years old girls: Alma, Jana & Mylène). For this project I’ve worked with several international (co-) writers and producers (UK, Sweden, USA and Australia). A first bunch of 4-5 songs will be finished and ready for pitching by end of May, shortly before this year’s MIDEM in Cannes, South France. As every year, I’m going to attend the famous trade show again and I’m very much looking forward to presenting this new project and to meeting many friends from around the globe. If you’re planning to attend MIDEM, too – hit me up and let’s meet!

I’ll post more info about PULL N WAY, very soon. Meanwhile, please follow them on all social media channels and show some support, they really deserve it! Thanks!

Web: http://www.pullnway.com

cheers, Andy

Looking for EDM vocalists

EDM Vocalists needed

Andy Prinz album 2015

Office work during the days, weekends with my family and some fresh music in the late hours… My album for this year is taking shape and loads of instrumentals have been finished. As I’d like to work with new talent on the vocal parts, I’m currently looking for female & male EDM vocalists, mainly from the US and UK. If you know someone or if you’re the right person, then please hit me up! Preferrably vocalists who are also possible topliners…!

Looking forward to hearing from you, folks…!

Collabs & Backing Production

I’m stepping a bit back as an artist per se and therefore I’m looking for new opportunities regarding possible collaborations or/and external productions of full tracks or backing ideas.
Dance Music has become so much bigger again and I’d like to focus on new possibilities as a composer and producer for other artists, especially for the fresh markets in the US and Asia, but of course Europe and other territories are welcome, too.

If you’re looking for great ideas/drafts/backings etc, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m open for any kind of (new) collaboration…!