New And-E & Mac Lane

The promo for the new And-E & Mac Lane singles “Leave It In Your Hands” & “Shake It” has started…!

Here’s a review from Beatsmedia (thanks, Rachel):

Release Date: TBA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

The Swiss producer duo AND-E & MAC LANE return with two massive new tracks: “Leave It In Your Hands” featuring the lovely voice of Jill and “Shake It”. Both housey Trance tunes with a commercial approach and ready to rock the international dance floors!

Shake It (Original Mix)
Rather quick in to the main lead ‘Shake It’ starts with a very impressive bass-line that curves and oscillates around your body, you can literally feel yourself begin to tremble as the wondering vocals begin to softly resonate around the progressive house grooves. It’s a catchy track that has you nodding along from start to finish. Radio-play.

Leave It In Your Hands (Mac Lane Club Remix)
Mac Lane wastes no time thrashing down the dominant beats in this bone-crunching remix, the choppy vocals, power-filled bass-lines, energetic drops and dramatic lifts contagiously infect the brain, causing your entire body to jolt and shift between every element placed. I especially enjoyed the quickened change of pace that happens in the latter of the track, it’s rude awakening retains full focus before streamlining you in to the abyss and laying down some heart-pounding base. Massive Club Remix.

Leave It In Your Hands (Andy Prinz 6 AM Remix)
A smooth yet prog-trance remix coming from Andy Prinz who plays on the emotional side of the vocals. Filling the hook with provocative waves of warmth and shiversome shards of energy, Andy draws you in much deeper, compared to the renditions before. It’s a very sexy take on the original to be quite honest, and the production quality is outstanding. A firm favourite for me. Great track for your progressive sets.

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And-E & Mac Lane – Shake It (Original Mix)
And-E & Mac Lane – Leave It In Your Hands (Original Vocal Edit)
And-E & Mac Lane – Leave It In Your Hands (Mac Lane Club Remix)
And-E & Mac Lane – Leave It In Your Hands (Andy Prinz 6 AM Remix)