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Pull N Way – Swiss Girlgroup

Various new productions

It’s been a bit quiet from my side, but that has a reason. For the past weeks and months I’ve been very busy with creating, planning and producing a new super talented Swiss/Albanian girlgroup named Pull n Way (three 17 years old girls: Alma, Jana & Mylène). For this project I’ve worked with several international (co-) writers and producers (UK, Sweden, USA and Australia). A first bunch of 4-5 songs will be finished and ready for pitching by end of May, shortly before this year’s MIDEM in Cannes, South France. As every year, I’m going to attend the famous trade show again and I’m very much looking forward to presenting this new project and to meeting many friends from around the globe. If you’re planning to attend MIDEM, too – hit me up and let’s meet!

I’ll post more info about PULL N WAY, very soon. Meanwhile, please follow them on all social media channels and show some support, they really deserve it! Thanks!

Web: http://www.pullnway.com

cheers, Andy

“You & Me” News

You & Me (Sony Music)

Dave Emanuel, Divine & Andy Prinz

Our tune “You & Me” (Epic Dance 01 Release via Sony Music Switzerland) was a really successful release for me this year. First of all, we licensed it for a Mazda promo video for the “Tomorrowland Event” (Join the journey campaign by Mazda Switzerland), the we signed it to our EPIC DANCE Records, a re-launched Dance label by Sony Music (I’m also A&R’ing for this imprint) and finally it got featured on many international streaming playlists (FILTR CH, Brasil, Finland, ..) and on the upcoming “Dream Dance 78” compilation. And the official video is online, too.

Last but not least, I’m looking very much forward to a great Holiday Season with a lot of time to be spent in my studio (finally!). I’m gonna work on a couple of new tunes, some of these for a new girlband project I’m planning to launch next Summer.

If you wann listen to more of my tunes, surf to my SoundCloud account (“Divergence EP”, “Come Back to Me” and much more).

Dream Dance

"You & Me" (Official)

Available for remixes & production

Remixes & production

available for production & rmx jobs

As I’m planning to reduce my own artist activities a bit and going to focus more on productions & remixes for other artists, you can get in touch with me if you think I might be suitable for one of your upcoming production tasks. Check out my style and references and let me know if you’re interested. I’ll only do stuff I like, both regards productions and remixes.
Hit me up with your project idea and if I like th idea, we can discuss it further.

Ich plane meine eigenen Aktivitäten als Künstler in Zukunft etwas zurückzuschrauben und mich stattdessen vermehrt auf Fremdproduktionen und Remixes für andere Artisten (Bands, DJ’s) zu konzentrieren. Mich interessieren spannende Projekte und Ideen. Wenn Ihr also was sucht, was meinem Style entspricht, dann könnt Ihr mich jederzeit gerne kontaktieren. Mich interessieren längerfristige Projekte mit einem uniquen Sound und einer spannenden Vision.

Andy Prinz Video Diary

Andy Prinz Video Diary

Episode 2014-I

Finally, after a huge break, my video diary is back with a new episode, featuring guests like Dave Emanuel, Fila (Aly & Fila), Abdullah Alhussainy and more.. Feel free to comment, like, share and enjoy it
For all older episodes, simply surf to my YouTube account and subscribe, if you feel like.

IVO – A little love

IVO – A little love


About one year ago, Swiss rock star IVO asked me to add some little “earcandy” to one of his beautiful songs from his new album. I gladly did and the song “A little love” was released via Sony Music Switzerland. Go check out this amazing pop song and buy his record!

Here’s a little video of IVO explaining how he wrote and produced the song.