Shop / Free Download

I’ve just installed my own shop here (still in beta mode) to sell some wicked Sound & Sample Packages in the (near) future.
You can access the shop here!

Check out my first APP Sounds & Samples sets NOW!
Besides that, I’ve decided to include a free Mp3 track – my collabl with Jill named “Awake” (Original Mix) – enjoy!

NB: If you should encounter problems with the shop or its downloadable files, then let me know immediately and I’ll provide a solution! Please use the comment form here or post it onto my Facebook fanpage (alternatively, send it to my Twitter account).

Glamotronik with Jill & Devijo

After having received great response during the MIDEM 2010, I’m ready to present my latest baby named Glamotronik, featuring the voices of Jill Wick (known from Popstars Germany) and Devijo.

The first single by the Swiss-Italian Glamotronik Dance project is called “All Across The Nation”; the single + the upcoming album and the music clip are available for world wide licensing NOW!

Stay tuned for more info or surf to!