Children Of Gaza [free download] by Andy Prinz

Children of Gaza

Free download on SoundCloud

I’ve dedicated a little track to the children of Gaza, who have to bear heavy bombardment since more than two weeks. They have nowhere to run or to hide. More than 160 children have been killed so far, including babies. Total death toll of people in Gaza is more than 1’000! 

This madness and war crime has to stop. I’m neither pro Hamas, nor against Jewish, but I urge for HUMANITY and JUSTICE!
We’ve been watching the situation in Palestine for decades, but nothing has changed.. Both the West and the Arabic countries have failed to fight for enduring peace.
After having seen the cruel pictures, mainly on Twitter (as our Western media completely fail to show anything like that), I decided to take action and to take a position. I might lose “fans” but I don’t care.

May peace prevail on earth (for all of us!)

Use the following Twitter hashtags: opsavegaza | gazaunderattack