Divergence EP by Andy Prinz

Divergence EP on SoundCloud

New 10-Track EP by Andy Prinz

I’ve uploaded the whole “Divergence EP”, an experimental/instrumental EP with 10 new and previously unreleased tunes onto SoundCloud. It ranges from 80 to 140 bpm and covers numerous styles such as Trance, Electronica and Chillout. Hope you like it! The release is scheduled for October 2015 via NOVIA Recordings.

Here’s the full playlist!

Available tracks: Midnight, Yellow Moon, Robots don’t cry, Elektrons, Disbalance, All I can say, Waking Up, Disco Chick, Mission Control & The Assembly


YouTube Playlist

Miss Royal-S – Falling

Miss Royal-S Single


You probably know the vocalist Miss Royal-S from 4 track featurings of mine in the past. She co-write and sang the tracks “Do You Care”, “The Way I Feel”, “Turn The Light Off” and “Embrace Me”, all available on the Deluxe Album Version of Distant Horizon.

Once again, the two of us have met in the studio and the result is the first solo-single by Miss Royal-S called “Falling” which is gonna be out via Strada Adriatica on the 17th of April 2015 on all major download shops and streaming portals.

You can listen to the track here!


DJ Divine Release

Will I Ever Know

DJ Divine & Andy Prinz ft. Kasey

Folks, you can get our tune Will I Ever Know by this Friday, 31st of October 2014, on iTunes and all other portals (CH & Czech only at the beginning).I’ve co-written and produced this tune, together with my buddy Oliver aka DJ Divine.

If you feel like supporting us, then move to iTunes and (pre-) order our track. You know, business these days for a producer have become a bit crappy, so a little investment would rock big time!

iTunes Link (Bow Bowah Records)