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Current studio work & projects

Time for a little update. I’ve been extremely busy lately, working on my forthcoming album (I re-started, threw away a couple of tracks and finished 4 new ones, which sound super cool!) and on different projects/remixes.

In January, a remix of mine will see its daylight: Clarice “Can’t get over you” (Andy Prinz Remix).
Apart from that, I’ve finished the Extended Mix of DJ Divine’s “Will I Ever Know” and started producing a new fat EDM tune with DJ Divine, which should be finished by end of this year – I’m really excited about this one!

Other productions in progress include a new tune together with Miss Royal-S and a remix with Swiss DJ Santosh Ritter (Santosh Khan). And of course, I’ll continue working hard on my new album, which will sound quite different from my previous album Distant Horizon.


More projects coming soon, too…! This is my most productive phase since very long time, and I’m very happy about this.

PS: For more than one year, I’m exclusively working with the amazing DAW Studio One by Presonus, programmed by former Steinberg guys! It’s the fastest, most intuitive and fat sounding DAW I’ve ever used. And if you need fantastic and affordable studio monitors/speakers, you should check out the Presonus Sceptre 8 – I use them every day and damn, those are the best speakers I’ve ever heard/used. Their sweet spot is tremendous and their sound is linear, fat and super clean. Can highly recommend both the speakers and the software!

New Compilation Series in Switzerland

After having compiled numerous national  CD’s such as the Street Parade, Maxx Tuner, Sonic, World In Motion and many more, here’s the latest one named Freakish Dance Charts by (Sony Music Switzerland), available from May 18, 2012! Don’t miss this first volume of a new dance compilation series in Switzerland (available both on CD and as Digital Download Bundle, incl. Video bonus material).

Hope you’ll like the track listing 🙂

Official Sony Link here!

MIDEM 2011

I’ve just returned from the amazing MIDEM 2011 trade fair in Cannes, France. Although the music industry is facing hard times, I had the feeling that some things looked more promising that in the years before..!

Besides promoting the Andy Prinz Publishing Catalogue, I tried to pitch my own new single “Breaking Through” and the new And-E & Mac Lane single!

If you’re interested in receiving a link to our MIDEM SAMPLER 2011, drop me a line or use the contact form on my website here! I’ll gladly provide people from the industry with the link and the respective password.


And-E & Mac Lane

After a long break of nearly 8 years, Andy Prinz & René Zollinger have reformed their successful project And-E & Mac Lane. The duo made their first common steps in 1997 and their first release had been played by all local DJ heroes at that time (DJ Gogo, Noise, Dream, Tatana, ..). With their single Swallow It Down (released with TBA Switzerland and UCMG Proton Germany), they caught the attention of international superstar Junior Vasquez who featured the track on his mega selling compilation Twilo Vol.1.

Now in 2011, the producer duo returns with 2 massive new singles – “Leave It In Your Hands” ft. Jill and “Shake It”. More info coming very soon!

Breaking Through

I’ve finished a new Andy Prinz single called “Breaking Through”, a housey Trance tune, which is gonna be promoted during the MIDEM 2011 in Cannes.
The vocals have been provided by the talented songwriter and vocalist Matthew Tasa who was also the singer on Andy’s most successful track ever, DJ Tatana’s “Words” (Gold in Switzerland).
A couple of remixes are currently under construction..!

More info coming, soon!