Current studio work

New productions

Current studio work & projects

Time for a little update. I’ve been extremely busy lately, working on my forthcoming album (I re-started, threw away a couple of tracks and finished 4 new ones, which sound super cool!) and on different projects/remixes.

In January, a remix of mine will see its daylight: Clarice “Can’t get over you” (Andy Prinz Remix).
Apart from that, I’ve finished the Extended Mix of DJ Divine’s “Will I Ever Know” and started producing a new fat EDM tune with DJ Divine, which should be finished by end of this year – I’m really excited about this one!

Other productions in progress include a new tune together with Miss Royal-S and a remix with Swiss DJ Santosh Ritter (Santosh Khan). And of course, I’ll continue working hard on my new album, which will sound quite different from my previous album Distant Horizon.


More projects coming soon, too…! This is my most productive phase since very long time, and I’m very happy about this.

PS: For more than one year, I’m exclusively working with the amazing DAW Studio One by Presonus, programmed by former Steinberg guys! It’s the fastest, most intuitive and fat sounding DAW I’ve ever used. And if you need fantastic and affordable studio monitors/speakers, you should check out the Presonus Sceptre 8 – I use them every day and damn, those are the best speakers I’ve ever heard/used. Their sweet spot is tremendous and their sound is linear, fat and super clean. Can highly recommend both the speakers and the software!

New Digital Re-Releases

New Digital Re-Releases

I’ve decided to start from scratch on a new Andy Prinz album – therefore I’ve put some previous AP productions onto the upcoming re-release of my debut album “Distant Horizon”; those new tunes e.g.  include “Awake” or “Breaking Through”.
And for those who already own a copy of my album, there’s gonna be a “Distant Horizon Update EP” release.

The music business is getting worse every year and album sales have gone down the drain… Nevertheless, I’ll try to deliver more cool tunes for those who like it and another album – fuck single releases, hahah!

Some more news, coming soon!


Distant Horizon Deluxe

Balearic Dance Music with different influences

Blending musical styles requires a knowledge and a love of different musical genres. Understanding tradition is the only way to create something new and fresh, musically; one needs a concrete connection to a genre’s evolution, thus adding authenticity to the creative process.

Andy Prinz´ Debut Solo-Album “Distant Horizon” has powerful foundation of properly crafted songs, and the influences of dreamy and sometimes melancholic Electronic (Dance) Music.
The 12 songs of this album cross an ocean of emotional landscapes, from loungy chill-out tunes to vocal dance/trance songs, and every listener will find their own favourites on this record. Especially fans of Schiller or Chicane could love this album!

Various guest singers from all over Europe have contributed their vocals and influences: Maedy (NL), KA (CH), Simon (DE), Sir Adrian (NL), Naama Hillman (UK/Israel), Miss Royal-S (CH) and Devijo (IT/CH).

Some songs have been co-written by the famous songwriter duo Raz Nitzan & Adrian Boekhuyse (who both have worked for the likes of Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Perpetuous Dreamer and many many more..)!

01 FIND AGAIN SOME FAITH with Sir Adrian (supported by Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, ..)
02 TURN THE LIGHT OFF with Miss Royal-S
03 PROVISION with Simon (supported by Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, ..)
04 SENZA TE with Devijo
05 DO YOU CARE with Miss Royal-S
06 BALERNA instrumental
07 STARLIGHT with KA (supported by Aly & Fila, ..)
08 LOST INSIDE THE SENSES with Naama Hillman (supported Mark Eteson, Pedro Del Mar, Talla 2XLC, ..)
09 QUIET OF MIND with Naama Hillman
12 BEFORE SUNDOWN instrumental

+ numerous remixes and b-sides on the “Distant Horizon (Deluxe Version”..!