Studio One Pro – my new DAW

Believe it or not, but I’ve decided to switch from Cubase/Nuendo to the amazing Studio One Pro DAW software for several reasons. First of all, I got totally fed up with the updates from Steinberg. Instead of fixing errors, they manage to produce new bugs which are very annoying and lead to ugly crashes (insert FX in mixer, leave it open, switch to arrange window – boom!). Come on, someone must do much better…! And there is: Some of the best former Steiny programmers (including those who invented the fantastic Nuendo) created this amazingly fast and intuitive program called Studio One under the Presonus brand. After just a couple of days or even hours, I enjoy this DAW very very much and I wouldn’t want to turn back to their competitor(s).
And thanks to PreSonus, they’ve even included me in their artist program! I appreciate that a lot!!!!!!!!!