New Releases

A couple of new releases are scheduled for August 2011, including the remix bundle of the And-E & Mac Lane single “Leave It In Your Hands”, the remixes of my own single “Breaking Through” and a new sideproject of mine – the digital bundle is called “Forgotten Soundtracks” and features the first two of my new score-ish tracks which could be used in an unreleased movie or game (just for fun).

Reviews & Promo

Check out Dimitri’s great review of “Breaking Through” here!

Here’s an excerpt:

Get ready for one of the finest trance releases of the year that can crossover very easily to mainstream radio as well. Beautiful ambient sounds merged with strong guitar theme and on the top the superb Matthew Tassa that I totally loved his voice on the classic Words that i hope can come back with brand new mixes. Original has a pop dance appeal and I’m sure teenagers and light trance lovers will enjoy. Salim Gueven offers a very cool 135 BPM trance dance version that has the energy to get you right up to the skies. Long break and Long outro perfect for your mixing needs is the order of the day. Dave Emanuel that lately is making waves in the global trance scene with releases and remixes deliver here a fantastic 8 minutes epic bouncy driving mix with lovely additional new happy trance riff and great work on the first short breakdown and then on the large one. It is tough but at the same time chilly trancer that can work on a big tech trance set and in more relaxed prog trance sets. Of course this release is so good that needs additional remixes to shine even more. Number 1 in my weekly Top 30 and must have for your collection when will be released.


Other news: And-E & Mac Lane’s new single “Leave It In Your Hands” has been exclusively signed to Summits Records for France, Belgium, Spain and Italy!

Release Update

In February and March 2011, a couple of digital bundles are going to be available on all major download portals and shops. Those bundles include a new track of mine called Unborn Life, the single releases of Quiet Of Mind and Starlight plus a back catalogue bundle named Trance Souvenir by Andy Prinz which features a couple of tracks I produced during the past decade – all sideprojects of mine, including Ayion, DJ Greenhead, Astura, Starseekers and many more.

Get the stuff on iTunes etc..! Thanks for your support!

The upcoming singles Breaking Through and Leave It In Your Hands/Shake It are entering promo status in March 2011 – keep an eye on that!



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MIDEM 2011

I’ve just returned from the amazing MIDEM 2011 trade fair in Cannes, France. Although the music industry is facing hard times, I had the feeling that some things looked more promising that in the years before..!

Besides promoting the Andy Prinz Publishing Catalogue, I tried to pitch my own new single “Breaking Through” and the new And-E & Mac Lane single!

If you’re interested in receiving a link to our MIDEM SAMPLER 2011, drop me a line or use the contact form on my website here! I’ll gladly provide people from the industry with the link and the respective password.