Available for remixes & production

Remixes & production

available for production & rmx jobs

As I’m planning to reduce my own artist activities a bit and going to focus more on productions & remixes for other artists, you can get in touch with me if you think I might be suitable for one of your upcoming production tasks. Check out my style and references and let me know if you’re interested. I’ll only do stuff I like, both regards productions and remixes.
Hit me up with your project idea and if I like th idea, we can discuss it further.

Ich plane meine eigenen Aktivitäten als Künstler in Zukunft etwas zurückzuschrauben und mich stattdessen vermehrt auf Fremdproduktionen und Remixes für andere Artisten (Bands, DJ’s) zu konzentrieren. Mich interessieren spannende Projekte und Ideen. Wenn Ihr also was sucht, was meinem Style entspricht, dann könnt Ihr mich jederzeit gerne kontaktieren. Mich interessieren längerfristige Projekte mit einem uniquen Sound und einer spannenden Vision.

MIDEM 2011

Meet me during MIDEM 2001 in Cannes, from January 23rd to 26th. You can find me at the SUISA stand or request a meeting  for Monday or Tuesday.

Are you looking for great compositions / backings or writers? Seeking for specific producers or vocalists..? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can assist you finding new partners for collaborations.

Fore more details, surf to Andy Prinz Publishing!

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Collabs & Backing Production

I’m stepping a bit back as an artist per se and therefore I’m looking for new opportunities regarding possible collaborations or/and external productions of full tracks or backing ideas.
Dance Music has become so much bigger again and I’d like to focus on new possibilities as a composer and producer for other artists, especially for the fresh markets in the US and Asia, but of course Europe and other territories are welcome, too.

If you’re looking for great ideas/drafts/backings etc, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m open for any kind of (new) collaboration…!