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You & Me (Sony Music)

Dave Emanuel, Divine & Andy Prinz

Our tune “You & Me” (Epic Dance 01 Release via Sony Music Switzerland) was a really successful release for me this year. First of all, we licensed it for a Mazda promo video for the “Tomorrowland Event” (Join the journey campaign by Mazda Switzerland), the we signed it to our EPIC DANCE Records, a re-launched Dance label by Sony Music (I’m also A&R’ing for this imprint) and finally it got featured on many international streaming playlists (FILTR CH, Brasil, Finland, ..) and on the upcoming “Dream Dance 78” compilation. And the official video is online, too.

Last but not least, I’m looking very much forward to a great Holiday Season with a lot of time to be spent in my studio (finally!). I’m gonna work on a couple of new tunes, some of these for a new girlband project I’m planning to launch next Summer.

If you wann listen to more of my tunes, surf to my SoundCloud account (“Divergence EP”, “Come Back to Me” and much more).

Dream Dance

"You & Me" (Official)

Divergence EP by Andy Prinz

Divergence EP on SoundCloud

New 10-Track EP by Andy Prinz

I’ve uploaded the whole “Divergence EP”, an experimental/instrumental EP with 10 new and previously unreleased tunes onto SoundCloud. It ranges from 80 to 140 bpm and covers numerous styles such as Trance, Electronica and Chillout. Hope you like it! The release is scheduled for October 2015 via NOVIA Recordings.

Here’s the full playlist!

Available tracks: Midnight, Yellow Moon, Robots don’t cry, Elektrons, Disbalance, All I can say, Waking Up, Disco Chick, Mission Control & The Assembly


YouTube Playlist

New Single “You & Me” out NOW

Single “You & Me” (Sony Music)

Dave Emanuel, Divine & Andy Prinz

My new EDM single “You & Me” (ft. Kasey), a collab with Swiss producers Dave Emanuel & Divine was released today on all major download portals and streaming platforms via the label EPIC DANCE (Sony Music). This is my first single release via Sony since my production for DJ Jaro back in 2003, so hell yeah, I’m very happy and proud! Please support us! Very much appreciated.

The track is published with Andy Prinz Publishing, Ultra Music Publishing, ROBA Music Publishing, Cloud9 Music Publishing & David Gresham Music Publishing. All rights reserved.

For licensing requests, hit up Sony Music directly as they own the global rights.

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport and more

Most important links as following:


Spotify (Single): https://play.spotify.com/album/2X7brZuhDrWrrBIm1VYoxG
Spotify (Playlist): https://open.spotify.com/user/sonymusicswitzerland/playlist/7nK3LDsCkobcZ3xeDEVOQL
Deezer (Single): http://www.deezer.com/album/11076412?utm_source=deezer&utm_content=album-11076412&utm_term=43162141_1440755254&utm_medium=web


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/album/you-me-single/id1033196355
Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Divine-Andy-Prinz-Dave-Emanuel/dp/B014GEVKW2/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1440717949&sr=1-1&keywords=Dave+Emanuel%2C+Divine+%26+Andy+Prinz
DJ Tunes: http://www.djtunes.com/dave-emanuel-divine-andy-prinz/you-me-dave-emanuel-divine-andy-prinz
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Dave_Emanuel_You_Me?id=Bqzibrbcc5yms2phxbnpxpgjw6i
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/you-and-me/1596459 

Beatport Exclusive: Eurasia

Dave Emanuel & Andy Prinz ft. Abdullah Alhussainy

Single “Eurasia” out now on Beatport

Folks, my collab with Dave Emanuel & Abdullah Alhussainy is out now on NOVIA Recordings (world, except GSA) and SonicArt Music (GSA), first as Beatport Exclusive! Check out the stomping EDM club mixes and the chilling Tethys Mix.

Beatport Link | iTunes Link | Google Play

Press Text:

Dave Emanuel, “Demo of week”-featured artist by Hardwell, presents his new unique single “Eurasia” in collaboration with his compagnion Andy Prinz and the singer Abdullah Alhussainy. This outstanding collaboration shows the worldwide popularity of EDM music, as it combines the sounds of EDM with the spririt of Arabian music culture.

The Swiss artists Dave Emanuel and Andy Prinz have been collaborating for years and spent numerous hours together in the studio. The latest result is this EDM smasher with exotic vocals calling for inner peace. This song enhances the anticipation for the upcoming festival season of this year’s spring and summer. You can expect a comparable smasher as the previous hit “Azuria”, which got amazing support and features. Next to the original mixes, the release includes the Tethys Remix, which puts the song into an ambient soundset, perfectly made for afterhour chillout.

“Eurasia” by Dave Emanuel & Andy Prinz feat. Abdullah Alhussainy is now available in all stores.

Miss Royal-S – Falling

Miss Royal-S Single


You probably know the vocalist Miss Royal-S from 4 track featurings of mine in the past. She co-write and sang the tracks “Do You Care”, “The Way I Feel”, “Turn The Light Off” and “Embrace Me”, all available on the Deluxe Album Version of Distant Horizon.

Once again, the two of us have met in the studio and the result is the first solo-single by Miss Royal-S called “Falling” which is gonna be out via Strada Adriatica on the 17th of April 2015 on all major download shops and streaming portals.

You can listen to the track here!


Current studio work

New productions

Current studio work & projects

Time for a little update. I’ve been extremely busy lately, working on my forthcoming album (I re-started, threw away a couple of tracks and finished 4 new ones, which sound super cool!) and on different projects/remixes.

In January, a remix of mine will see its daylight: Clarice “Can’t get over you” (Andy Prinz Remix).
Apart from that, I’ve finished the Extended Mix of DJ Divine’s “Will I Ever Know” and started producing a new fat EDM tune with DJ Divine, which should be finished by end of this year – I’m really excited about this one!

Other productions in progress include a new tune together with Miss Royal-S and a remix with Swiss DJ Santosh Ritter (Santosh Khan). And of course, I’ll continue working hard on my new album, which will sound quite different from my previous album Distant Horizon.


More projects coming soon, too…! This is my most productive phase since very long time, and I’m very happy about this.

PS: For more than one year, I’m exclusively working with the amazing DAW Studio One by Presonus, programmed by former Steinberg guys! It’s the fastest, most intuitive and fat sounding DAW I’ve ever used. And if you need fantastic and affordable studio monitors/speakers, you should check out the Presonus Sceptre 8 – I use them every day and damn, those are the best speakers I’ve ever heard/used. Their sweet spot is tremendous and their sound is linear, fat and super clean. Can highly recommend both the speakers and the software!

NazB – Attention – Single

Attention – incl. remixes

remixed by Rymez & Dave Emanuel

NazB‘s new single “Attention”, a co-composition and -production by Andy Prinz, has been released today via the Swiss record label Bow Bowah Records in CH&FL. The bundle includes some fresh remixes by Dave Emanuel (current club hit “Azuria”) and Rymez (current mega hit “Kryptonite”). Go and grab your legal copy on iTunes and all other major stores. Your support is highly appreciated.

Press Info (German) below:

“Sie nannten ihn Nazodobas – Die Schweiz im Visier eines Nigerianers”
Der in Zürich lebende NazB aka Michael Ozigbo wuchs in einer sehr musikalischen Grossfamilie in Nigeria auf, in welcher das zusammen musizieren etwas alltägliches war. Durch die Beharrlichkeit und Ausdauer von Michael Ozigbo bekam er schon früh den Spitznamen Nazodobas, welcher später ausschlaggebend für seinen Künstlernamen NazB war.
 Bereits als Jugendlicher gab NazB in Clubs und bei Shows in Nigeria Konzerte. Mit 18 Jahren entschied sich NazB, auch ausserhalb von Nigeria, sich als Musiker einen Namen zu machen. Er verliess sein zuhause und war in der Elfenbeinküste, Ghana, Senegal, Südafrika, Surinam und sogar in Brasilien unterwegs. Diese abenteuerliche und manchmal auch sehr harte Zeit, entwickelte das künstlerische Profil von NazB weiter.
In seiner Musik kann man immer wieder Einflüsse aus seiner Heimat in West Afrika und seinen Reisen rund um die Welt erkennen. Dazu NazB: “The many places I’ve been have influenced me. It all sounds different – you can hear different flavors and elements within my music.”
Zu den bisherigen Veröffentlichungen von NazB gehören die Alben „Out From Da Jungle“ (2010), „Money In Da Gam“ (2006), sowie die Singles „Boomaye“ (2014), „Total XTC“ (2013), „Rollin“ (2013), „Around the World“ (2008) und „Biko Biko“ (2008). Seine Videoclips werden von den Fernsehstationen in der Schweiz, aber auch in Afrika bis nach Kanada, gespielt. Im Jahre 2007 platzierte sich NazB beim 16ten Billboard Song Contest unter den 500 besten Künstler. Im selben Jahr hatte NazB zudem das Privileg als Opening Act die World Thai Boxing Championships in der Jako Arena in Deutschland zu eröffnen. Im Jahre 2009 war NazB, hinter „77 Bombay Street“, der Zweitplatzierte beim „MyCokemusic Soundcheck“.
 NazB tourt weiterhin durch Länder wie Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, Surinam, Deutschland, Niederlande, Schweden, Großbritannien, Brasilien und auch immer mehr in der Schweiz, wo er seine neue Heimat fand.
Mit „Attention“ veröffentlicht Bow Bowah Records am 28. November 2014 die neue Single von NazB. Die Single wurde von von Andy Prinz, Michael Ozigbo und Alexander Yakovlev produziert. Zum Song gibt es einen Remix von Dave Emanuel und einen Remix von Rymez, welcher aktuell den Song „Kryptonite“ mit James Arthur veröffentlicht hat.
Zum Song “Attention” gibt es auch einen Videoclip, in welchem unter anderem die Models Vanessa, bekannt aus “Der Bachelor” und Ingrid Villafane, aka Indie Arts, zu sehen sind.
NazB ist nicht einfach ein Rapper, welcher nur über Geld und Autos rappt. Er spricht über das Leben auf den Strasse, aktuelle Geschichten und Ereignisse. Dazu NazB: “Whether I’m rapping about love or poverty, racism or religious discrimination, or just telling the listener about something I’ve gone through, I find freedom and inspiration in the freedom of speech. I call it rap music from my soul“.
Nach seinen Reisen rund um den Globus ist NazB definitiv in der Schweiz angekommen. Der vielseitig begabte Musiker nahm die Schweiz ins Visier, um von hier aus die Welt mit seiner Musik zu erobern.