Pull n Way

Pull N Way – Swiss Girlgroup

Various new productions

It’s been a bit quiet from my side, but that has a reason. For the past weeks and months I’ve been very busy with creating, planning and producing a new super talented Swiss/Albanian girlgroup named Pull n Way (three 17 years old girls: Alma, Jana & Mylène). For this project I’ve worked with several international (co-) writers and producers (UK, Sweden, USA and Australia). A first bunch of 4-5 songs will be finished and ready for pitching by end of May, shortly before this year’s MIDEM in Cannes, South France. As every year, I’m going to attend the famous trade show again and I’m very much looking forward to presenting this new project and to meeting many friends from around the globe. If you’re planning to attend MIDEM, too – hit me up and let’s meet!

I’ll post more info about PULL N WAY, very soon. Meanwhile, please follow them on all social media channels and show some support, they really deserve it! Thanks!

Web: http://www.pullnway.com

cheers, Andy

“You & Me” News

You & Me (Sony Music)

Dave Emanuel, Divine & Andy Prinz

Our tune “You & Me” (Epic Dance 01 Release via Sony Music Switzerland) was a really successful release for me this year. First of all, we licensed it for a Mazda promo video for the “Tomorrowland Event” (Join the journey campaign by Mazda Switzerland), the we signed it to our EPIC DANCE Records, a re-launched Dance label by Sony Music (I’m also A&R’ing for this imprint) and finally it got featured on many international streaming playlists (FILTR CH, Brasil, Finland, ..) and on the upcoming “Dream Dance 78” compilation. And the official video is online, too.

Last but not least, I’m looking very much forward to a great Holiday Season with a lot of time to be spent in my studio (finally!). I’m gonna work on a couple of new tunes, some of these for a new girlband project I’m planning to launch next Summer.

If you wann listen to more of my tunes, surf to my SoundCloud account (“Divergence EP”, “Come Back to Me” and much more).

Dream Dance

"You & Me" (Official)

Divergence EP by Andy Prinz

Divergence EP on SoundCloud

New 10-Track EP by Andy Prinz

I’ve uploaded the whole “Divergence EP”, an experimental/instrumental EP with 10 new and previously unreleased tunes onto SoundCloud. It ranges from 80 to 140 bpm and covers numerous styles such as Trance, Electronica and Chillout. Hope you like it! The release is scheduled for October 2015 via NOVIA Recordings.

Here’s the full playlist!

Available tracks: Midnight, Yellow Moon, Robots don’t cry, Elektrons, Disbalance, All I can say, Waking Up, Disco Chick, Mission Control & The Assembly


YouTube Playlist

New Single “You & Me” out NOW

Single “You & Me” (Sony Music)

Dave Emanuel, Divine & Andy Prinz

My new EDM single “You & Me” (ft. Kasey), a collab with Swiss producers Dave Emanuel & Divine was released today on all major download portals and streaming platforms via the label EPIC DANCE (Sony Music). This is my first single release via Sony since my production for DJ Jaro back in 2003, so hell yeah, I’m very happy and proud! Please support us! Very much appreciated.

The track is published with Andy Prinz Publishing, Ultra Music Publishing, ROBA Music Publishing, Cloud9 Music Publishing & David Gresham Music Publishing. All rights reserved.

For licensing requests, hit up Sony Music directly as they own the global rights.

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport and more

Most important links as following:


Spotify (Single): https://play.spotify.com/album/2X7brZuhDrWrrBIm1VYoxG
Spotify (Playlist): https://open.spotify.com/user/sonymusicswitzerland/playlist/7nK3LDsCkobcZ3xeDEVOQL
Deezer (Single): http://www.deezer.com/album/11076412?utm_source=deezer&utm_content=album-11076412&utm_term=43162141_1440755254&utm_medium=web


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/album/you-me-single/id1033196355
Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Divine-Andy-Prinz-Dave-Emanuel/dp/B014GEVKW2/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1440717949&sr=1-1&keywords=Dave+Emanuel%2C+Divine+%26+Andy+Prinz
DJ Tunes: http://www.djtunes.com/dave-emanuel-divine-andy-prinz/you-me-dave-emanuel-divine-andy-prinz
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Dave_Emanuel_You_Me?id=Bqzibrbcc5yms2phxbnpxpgjw6i
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/you-and-me/1596459 

eLicenser by Steinberg nightmare

eLicenser broken – let the nightmare begin!

Think twice before buying products using elicenser

Ok, now it happened, after all those years. One of my 3 eLicenser dongles by Steinberg just stopped working all of a sudden! It doesn’t get found within the system on any computer, altough the key light is on, so it’s def. broken. Well, these things can happen, right? How about just moving the licenses from the broken elicenser to another one on the MySteinberg page..? Nah, let the real nightmare begin!!!

a) I went straight to MySteinberg to de-activate my dongle and mark it as “broken” – now I manually need to contact support which didn’t get back to me hours later so far. Moving licenses..? Impossible!

b) MySteinberg page tells me, that if I have other licenses (by Vengeance etc), I have to request additional licenses manually directly through them…. sucks big time!

c) I wrote to Vengeance (where I spent a couple of hundred bucks for Metrum, Multiband-Compression, Multiband-Sidechaining etc) and they answered me as following (remember, I didn’t lose the dongle, it’s simply broken):


I’m sorry to hear about your lost eLicenser. Unfortunately, each
purchase of of our products comes with only one license which can be downloaded to only one eLicenser.

Once your license has been downloaded to your eLicenser, it has intrinsic value, like cash.
In other words, losing it is like losing a laptop or a cell phone; in order to get a replacement, you will need to purchase a new one yourself.

I’m afraid that we simply aren’t able to provide free replacements for lost Dongle licenses.
Because we are not able to deactivate eLicensers remotely (we cannot access anyone’s USB eLicenser remotely),
and because we are not able to verify claims of lost licenses, providing free replacements simply isn’t possible.

Again, I understand that it’s frustrating to lose a valuable possession, but I’m afraid that there really isn’t anything
that we can do in this sort of situation. As with any other small but valuable item (a phone, a piece of jewelry, etc.)
once the license is in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep track of and take good care of your licenses.

Unfortunately, this policy is necessary for copy protection reasons. Although we would like to be able to replace licenses for
customers who misplace their USB eLicenser, this simply isn’t possible. If we were to do so (provide free replacement licenses upon demand),
what would prevent anyone from claiming to have lost their license, and demanding extra licenses that they could then sell, give away to their friends, etc.?

Hopefully you can see how wide open to abuse such a system would be, and why it isn’t feasible for us to implement this sort of policy.

I’m sorry, and I wish that there was more that I could do, but I’m afraid that it simply isn’t possible for us to offer a replacement
license in this sort of situation.

d) I wrote to ReFX regarding my NEXUS license and got this reply:

In order to receive a replacement license, you will need to send the damaged eLicenser in to us.

Please send your eLicenser via registered mail, to:

reFX Audio Software Inc.
PO box 61543 Brookswood
Langley BC V3A 8C8

Be sure to declare a low customs value (~$10), as this is the value of the physical device itself. Additionally, be sure to note in any customs paperwork that you fill out that this is a product return / repair. Also, please include your full name somewhere on or inside the parcel, so that we can identify who it’s from.

Please do not use UPS, as they frequently attempt to charge the recipient (us) brokerage fees upon receipt of parcels. We will not pay any brokerage fees if these are applied.

Once we have received your eLicenser and verified the license on it, we will be able to send you a new activation code to download a new license. Please note that we will only be able to provide an activation code; you will have to purchase a new Steinberg USB-eLicenser yourself. USB-eLicensers can be purchased in most stores specializing in musical instruments.

f) = I’m fucked!

I’m really asking myself, is this the way you treat loyal customers who bought software (actually spend hundreds or even thousands) and get fucked like this? Come on, I bought a license, not a piece of crappy hardware. You fucking owe me this right to use the software, otherwise I want my money back! Should I send the broken elicenser to all 3 different companies at the same time? Do these guys really don’t trust me at all? WTF????

I can only praise companies like Presonus: You buy an amazing software like Studio One 3 and you can activate it on 5 (!) different computers without any dongle! This is 21st century style!!!

So all I can do now is to advise you to AVOID using an eLicenser at all. The day it gets broken, you’re seriously fucked



Tomorrowland Trailer Mazda Switzerland

Join the journey

Tomorrowland Mazda Suisse Trailer

The EDM vocal track “You & Me” by Dave Emanuel, Divine & myself has been used via sync deal for the latest Tomorrowland “Join The Journey” trailer by Mazda Switzerland. Watch the video here and hear the first preview of this new track!

Here’s the German info:

Du bist zwar von Kopf bis Fuss auf Tomorrowland eingestellt, hast aber kein Ticket gefunden? Keine Bange: Dank Mazda haben echte Mazda Rebels die Chance, trotzdem hinzukommen, um im Tomorrowland die Mazda Mania voll auszuleben.

Was kannst du gewinnen?

  • «Mazda Challenger Experience»-Tickets für 2 Personen vom 23. bis 27. Juli 2015 im Tomorrowland.
  • Exklusive «Mazda Mania Party»-Tickets für 2 Personen am Samstag, 25. Juli 2015 im Tomorrowland.
  • «Mazda Rebel Party»-Tickets für 2 Personen im Tomorrowland, gültig am Freitag, 24. Juli oder am Samstag, 25. Juli oder am Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015.




MIDEM 2015

Meet me during MIDEM in Cannes

June 5-8 2015

I’m gonna attend the world famous music trade fair MIDEM in Cannes again, 5-8 June 2015. If you’re interested in meeting me, drop a message. My goal is to make new partnerships, meet new people, find opportunities for music production and collabs + licensing of my own material to labels. My buddy Dave Emanuel and me will set up a little studio at our hotel, and we’ll be available for co-writes and vocal recording sessions.

If you’re a vocalist or producer/writer interested in Electronic Music, send a demo of yours and apply for a session.

I’m looking forward to meeting my publishing partners, friends and new contacts at the beautiful Cote d’Azur in France.

More info: MIDEM |Andy Prinz Publishing