Release Update

In February and March 2011, a couple of digital bundles are going to be available on all major download portals and shops. Those bundles include a new track of mine called Unborn Life, the single releases of Quiet Of Mind and Starlight plus a back catalogue bundle named Trance Souvenir by Andy Prinz which features a couple of tracks I produced during the past decade – all sideprojects of mine, including Ayion, DJ Greenhead, Astura, Starseekers and many more.

Get the stuff on iTunes etc..! Thanks for your support!

The upcoming singles Breaking Through and Leave It In Your Hands/Shake It are entering promo status in March 2011 – keep an eye on that!



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  1. Remedy

    Andy seriously Your ability for creating wonderful melodies is simply stunning. I just can’t understand how do You always come up with a gorgeous piece of music. There is no single track from You which I don’t love. You are my hero, I mean it!

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