Studio Upgrade

After some trouble with my WinXP installation, I’ve decided to fully switch to Microsoft’s latest Operating System, Windows 7.

After some deep testing procedures and with the help of the great JBridge, I’ve managed to completely switch to 64Bit mode (with an additional Win7 32Bit Backup partition). Of course, I had built a new 8-Core PC first, to get all the horsepower out of the new system. Took me quite a while to install all those damn plugin’s again, but it was worth it 100%. With the new power and performance + the new possibilities like editing Full HD movies etc, I’ve finally updated my whole computer system. Ready for the future!

Productionwise, I’m still working on some new Glamotronik choons and besides that, I’m in the process of creating a new Trance track (yes, it’s been a while) which I really love.

Ok for now…! For more daily updates, please follow me on ! Also surf to the updated website of my own publishing company at …! Cheers everyone!

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